Hi, we're Ellen and Alex, identical twins and owners of The Logo Page.  We started The Logo Page back in 2019 as a hobby, never did we think we would both end up leaving our full time jobs, get to work in our dream office with our beautiful dog Zara, be our own bosses and work with some amazing companies helping them build their dreams. 



Hey, I'm Ellen! Design has always been a passion of mine and I knew from a young age I was always destined to be a creative.  I studied fashion design at university and worked in the industry specialising in sportswear.


Branding design has always been an interest of mine, I love helping business owners like me level up their branding, gain confidence and sales.  I truly believe good branding is the key to success.



Hi, I'm Alex! The other Half of The Logo Page.  I have always been creative and obsessed with design! I have a BAHons degree in Fashion design. Before I was a brand designer, I worked in the industry designing for the high-street specialising in kidswear and also nightwear.


The best part of my job is working with some amazing, 

small business like us, helping them upgrade their branding, reach their potential and stand out from the crowd.