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The Logo Page is a female led creative studio ran by identical twins Ellen & Alex Murphy based in Liverpool, UK.  They work with brands big & small specialising in the beauty, fashion & lifestyle industry, hospitality & events, catering/confectionery companies & everything in between. 

The business was set up at the end of 2019 as a creative outlet from their fashion jobs, which lead to them finding their love & passion for branding.  In 2020, lockdown hit but turning a negative into a positive they put all their time into growing their business, and they have never looked back.  


Hey, I'm Ellen! Design has always been a passion of mine & I knew from a young age I was always destined to be a creative.  I studied fashion design at university and worked in the industry specialising in sportswear.   I love helping business owners like me level up their branding, gain confidence & sales.  I truly believe good branding is the key to success.  I am so grateful I get to do this!


Hi, I'm Alex!  I have always been creative & obsessed with design! I have a BAHons degree in Fashion. Before I was a brand designer, I worked in the industry designing for the high-street specialising in kidswear & nightwear.  The best part of my job is working with some amazing businesses all over the world & working in my dream office with our office dog, Zara.      

just some of the business we have worked with:
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